Our API:s are easy to use as well as customizable to meet your shipping needs.

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EDI:s & Labels

Transfer shipping information (EDI) to PostNord while helping us to maintain high quality.

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What's New in PostNord Developer Portal

Q&A Pilot Parcel Locker

To increase the convenience for the consumer within ecommerce, PostNord needs to find new ways to handle the last mile distribution. The delivery experience is a most significant and important part of the buying experience. PostNord will therefore conduct a pilot of parcel locker deliveries to complement the service point and home delivery option.

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Obtaining a sandbox access token

  • Check out our API’s
  • Create a sandbox account
  • Sign in and generate a set of sandbox API KEY
  • Order test jobs
  • Once you're ready to deploy, create a live user account, generate a set of live API KEY - and remember to paste them into your app

The sandbox is a free testing environment that is designed to mimic the live environment as closely as possible, so you can test your API integration.

You use the sandbox by providing a special sandbox API KEY that is different from production API KEY when sending requests to the API.

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