On-board Producer API in PostNord API Gateway


This guide contains the procedure and instructions to Onboard a Producer API for a project or developer into the PostNord API Gateway.



This section explains the what all needs to initiate Producer Api onboarding.

  • The API must have swagger created
  • Decide the access role/visiblity for API into Developer Portal:
    • public | private | internal


  • Register yourself into PostNord Developer Portal by following below steps as one time activity
    • Go to PostNord AT Developer Portal and click Create Account
    • Fill-up the details with active email address, click Register and you will receive an email from PosNord to activate the account.
    • Check your given email box and activate the account with given link

Swagger Quality Assurance

Follow PostNord API guidelines to create swagger

Review the swagger against the PostNord Swagger template

  • An IAM secured API; must have a securityDefinitions defining the required scopes
  • Write good Descriptions associated with the endpoints
  • Used the defined HTTP status texts
  • Used the defined common PostNord fault object
  • Used predefined Information Objects
  • Verify the naming convention of objects/attributes
  • Verify Health check
  • QA meeting with the Team and present findings

Needs to be corrected until going into production

Publish / Expose New API

  • Fill up the Producer Onboarding form as per the instructions mentioned on page
  • Click save button
  • click ok and you can see your new api has been added into Producer Apis list
  • Once you get response back from API Governance team, then you can test your API in portal.
  • Verify everything in the developer portal
  • Make a successful request!